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Holy balls, two years almost without a journal update. I doubt anyone is still reading this but meh, OH WELL.

Well, I'm not dead, I've just been busy. I even abandoned my xbox 360 for a time and have one come back to it recently.

And I finally finished Halo 4.

And I cried tears, tears of manly joy, because that game was beautiful. Spartan OPS was beautiful.

And the Librarian was smoking, I think I'm in love with her.

The Didact's got a serious case of ugly going on though, a shame, he was pretty balling in the terminal videos until he went nuts.

I also got around to reading the Forerunner saga trilogy written by Greg Bear, and saying I liked the books was an understatement as I read Cryptum and Primordium over the course of two days, and read Silentium in less than 12 hours. Once I started I couldn't stop, that's for sure. But needless to say I've been bitten with the urge to write and I think I have a premise.

One of the things that was never answered for me was how did the Didact and the Librarian come together? It was touched on in Silentium but it still left me wanting, and after I got over the amusement of the Librarian speaking to catalog about how she 'tapped that ass' (Not in detail but Catalog was embarrassed for her) I still found myself wondering.

So, I think I might undertake a little project and explain it in ways that I feel it happened, borrowing loosely from the Forerunner trilogy which if you love Halo you need to read because Halo 4 makes so much more sense afterwards, same with watching the terminals, it shows the Didact just isn't a massive douche with a serious case of face herp.

But yah, I think I will be writing out my thoughts on the whole Didact Librarian thing, as well as going back to the Halo-verse to write about other characters and things that have also come up and are like 'Hey remember us? We're your brain children from Halo Reach.' So hopefully what I write does justice to the wonder history written by Greg Bear, if not then judge me guilty.

I'm also thinking of posting some older stuff that's been hanging out on my hard drive for a long while.

Also Faber is a massive dick.
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Hi rad someone's going to be spitting chips when they find out I have access to a nearly 10 grand home 3d theatre system to watch dotm on its my brothers you should see the tv its massive and after I pay off my lcd my folks are taking me into get the same system it has a massive 3d tv that will take up my wall surround sound and also 3d blu ray , but I can watch bros till I pay my last tv off soon Ill be watching DOTM in 3D baby on a massive and latest home theatre system
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